Turnkey Engineering and Production Solution
From our extensive experience in the design of component parts, machinery and equipment and the provision of repair and maintenance services to our customers in the dipped latex products industry, we have gained in-depth knowledge and technical expertise in design of machineries and production lines for the dipped latex products industry.

With continuous in-house research and development, and innovation, we provide specialised engineering and production process consultancy services, supply and transfer of technical know-how to our valued customers in the rubber glove, condom and balloon manufacturing.

The provision of engineering design, technical know how and production process on turnkey basis for the dipped latex products industry may be carried out in the following combination of services:

(i) Design and supply of production lines, installation, erection and commissioning;
(ii) Supply and transfer of technical know how on design, layout of plants, machinery and equipment;
(iii) Supply and transfer of technical know how on design of production process for the production of dipped latex products; and
(iv) “Design, Custom Make, Operate and Transfer” wherein we design and custom make the production plants, supply and commercialise the production lines and operate the plants and provision of staff training for a period of time before transferring to the investors.